Thursday, August 4, 2011

Penguin Parade

Aunt L and I packed up the little monkeys to visit the new penguin exhibit at the MN Zoo.  We met my friend A and her son S to stroll around for the morning.
It's blurry, but a rare HUGE smile caught on camera for M!

Me and the fellas posing with the penguins

The rest of the penguin parade!
 We were about to stroll the outdoor exhibits but it started sprinkling in front of the monkeys, so we went back in and walked the Tropics Trail.  Since M and N were leading the way, we zoomed right through!  But they did stop to snap a shot with Mommy and the tortise, which I think turned out really cute!
N could be MY twin!

Another M smile - he was having a great day!
After dinner that night, we drove through McD's for ice cream treats and headed to a park situated near the rail line in hopes of seeing a choo-choo!  We were NOT disappointed!  Any day that has trains, ice cream, penguins and monkeys is a fantastic day!

Whee!  Strong man N!

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camaulds said...

Sounds so fun but where are the pics of the trains? LOL I can't wait to see you all!