Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Superpower Surprise

My sons have a superpower - they can command doors to open!  (And close) 

When we go shopping, they yell at the tops of their lungs, "OPEN DOOR!" as we approach the entrance.  Upon hearing their voices, the terrified automatic sliding doors slide open at Cub and Target.

When we prepare to leave the house, they shout at the garage door, "OPEN DOOR!" and it magically opens.  Sometimes one of them will remember to holler, "CLOSE DOOR!" and it obeys.

But the doors they like the best are located at our new town's library:
They don't seem to mind that the doors disobey until they press the button.  Hopefully the other patrons don't mind as my boys wait for the first door to close so they can press the second button to open the second of the double door entrance:
It takes much persuading to get them to cross the threshold:
Me: let's go return our books and get some new ones
Them: No Books!  No Books!  Door Open!
Me: you can open the door when it's time to leave.  Let's go play toys.
Them: Hmph!
They reluctantly take my hands - okay, I grabbed theirs - and I drag them into the library.

I allow them to return the books we brought back - they push them through a hole in the desk at their face-level, but stop them when they start taking books off nearby shelves to "return." 

They seem to forget the door once we get to where we're going: the play room, which is usually the story time room, but it was cancelled today, so they were allowed to just play with the toys.  Which is like allowing them to skip the veggies and eat only cookies, but I don't care.  It kept them busy for most of an hour and I got to chat with a few moms I'm getting to know.

Leaving, was, of course, the second-best part: "OPEN DOOR!" they shout as the big wooden door slowly eases open, much to the surprise of an elderly gentleman on the other side. 

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Pam Kelsey said...

How cute! I just wonder what that poor guy thought! How funny:)