Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Serious Nap Issues

I literally JUST sat down to write you the horrors of today's nap.  I hear one munchie howling like a cat in heat through the monitor.  Do I let it go?  Maybe he's still asleep?

(Insert two minutes of listening to howling, rustling, etc.  It's quiet again.)

I checked on them 10 minutes after naptime officially began.

They both had their pants off.  They were both poopy.  But they were each in their beds.

N is wearing an ill-fitting onesie today, so it was still on and the diaper's contents were intact, score one for mom!  (Kinda.)

Both changed, both re-tucked, naptime restart NOW!

I spent about an hour doing what I've been told by my expert twin mom friends: Supernanny, take the lovies and teddies away, don't talk, blahblahblah.  I finally separated them, which, surprisingly calmed them both down.  This has caused escalation in the past, so you can see how I'd been reluctant to do so.

But then N, the removed one, got squirrely in the spare room and started having what looked like fun.  So I ended that and employed my very last idea: babysitting.

I sat in the chair (the only item in their room besides two toddler beds, a rug, a fan, and a nightlight) with my dumbphone.  Everytime one popped up, I shushed him. 

"Lay down."  I tried to entertain myself with my dumbphone, which is dumb instead of smart because now part of the screen no longer responds to touch so I can't dial my sister on favorites, can't update the second week of the month in my calendar, and worst of all, can't play Tris.  Then it wouldn't connect to the internet.  Seriously?  The only thing this phone can do is make calls?  Worthless. 

"Lay down." After about 20 minutes of this (1 hour 20 minutes after the first official start) I tried sneaking out, but N saw me and howled.  I went back in to keep M asleep, and fortunately he slept soon afterward.

So today it took 90 minutes, but they are both sleeping in their own beds.  I'm calling it a victory because it's better than yesterday.  Everything is relative, is it not?

Now about that dumbphone....

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