Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Like today's weather, all was beautiful this evening - much like the entire day minus naps and bedtime.  Because I haven't been fair to you, readers - I've been telling only the awfulness of Big Boy Beds, I snapped a couple of pictures at the playground this evening, and on my dumbphone at that!  Both the phone and the boys redeemed themselves, at least for a short time! 

I haven't been taking them to the playground alone very often, but the weather was too nice and I needed them to wear themselves out before I tackled bedtime, so I took my chances.  I say chances because my boys are reckless!  Last Friday, N fell off the bottom stair of this playset and hit his forehead going down, causing what looks to be a unicorn horn sprouting between his eyes.  He hit the same spot this morning on our own sandbox, so it's not going away anytime soon.  I hear that kids without bruises are now under suspicion for child neglect, though, so we're all good there!
Scrub a dub dub, my boys in the tub!

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