Monday, August 29, 2011

Fast Kids At Play

I never knew I needed a racing track in my yard until I got one.  Now I don't know how I'll ever live without it.  It's really a walking path, laid by the city when this neighborhood was built, that separates our yard from our neighbor's, going the length of the properties from the street to the woods.  But that's where it ends - at the woods.  So it honestly goes nowhere!  We've heard that there were plans to connect it to another path on the other side of the woods, but that idea has been abandoned, apparently.  So now we have our own personal racking track for the boys' cozy coupes.

This morning's racing was like a scene from "Grease," where Sandra Lee stands between the cars (makes me wish I had a pair of leather pants - okay, that I looked like HER AND had a pair of leather pants) with the starting flag.  The boys would push their cars to the top of the track, which has a bit of incline, and would shout random numbers together:

"One!  Two!"
"Free!  Five!"
"Seven!  Nine!"
Then M would push off without shouting "Go," and run to the end of the track, just a little ahead of N, who couldn't catch up.

Trying to capture this event on film proved nearly impossible, what with the incredible racing speeds and my almost-dead camera battery, but you get the idea that this event is totally awesome, don't you?  It's actually one of my favorite backyard activities that we've done this summer, and I do all I can to encourage it when we're outside.  Because it knocks them out.  Oh, the sweet sounds of silent napping, I do love thee.

Thank you, silly city, for laying this walking path to nowhere in my backyard.  It's totally worth the random confused bikers and walkers who wander back here from time to time!  Maybe I should put up some kind of "FAST KIDS AT PLAY" sign (as opposed to those slow kids).

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