Saturday, August 13, 2011

Who Fed My Son Catnip Today?

That's the only logical explanation for M's behavior.  He was seriously bonkers today!  He would NOT sit still for even one minute to eat his breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  He was talking a hundred miles an hour:

I want pancakes!  I want coffee!  I want milk! Help you, Dada!  Read da book, Dada!  Bwow on da pancakes Dada!  Phooo!  Phooo!  Bruder's pancakes!  Bruder's milk!  Where da truck book?  Read da truck book, Dada!  Meow!  Meow!  Meow!  Drive da Jepp, Dada?  DRIVE DA JEEP!  DRIVE DA JEEP!  I WANT DRIVE JEEP!..........Mama's van?  Mama's van?  Drive Mama's van?  Wissen to KTIS!  Go get da keys!  Go downstairs, Dada, play trains!  Go downstairs!  Go downstairs!  GO!  DOWN! STAIRS!

He's crazy about his Dada, who, bless his heart, took the both of them to get haircuts today.  So for about an hour, N was an only (perfect) child, who sat obediently in the NORMAL cart while I strolled the aisles at Target, even shopping for things not on my list (gasp!).  I seriously think having one kid is a joke.  It was unbelievably easy to run an errand.

I hear M was a good boy at the salon, and both my fellas look very handsome today, but he kicked it into high gear again tonight.  I'm pretty sure the nursery workers at church tonight fed him catnip-laced-Mt. Dew because the entire 30 minute ride home was:

Tractor book, mama?  Wilson?  Brewster?  Thomas? Percy? (He was asking for the random train-part toys strewn about the van, which were reached after becoming a contortionist from the passenger seat.)
A car.
Another car.
What are you looking at?  The sky?  The trees?  It's book-reading time.  Here.
oooooo...look...a chicken.  Kiss da chicken!  Mwooah! oooo...a bear.  Kiss da bear!  Mwoooah! 
Cookie?  Cookie?  I want cookie!
Pizza?  Pizza?  I want pizza!  I want pizza!  I want pizza!  I WANT PIZZA!  Meow!  Meow!  Meow!
I was ordering pizza for dinner - did you guess that already?

He didn't stop until 9:00.  I'm going to pass out now. 

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