Thursday, February 16, 2012

Belly Pics 28 weeks

Wow, the pregnancy is going by fast!  At my appointment last week, I was reminded to come in in two weeks - eek!  That means I'm getting toward the end of this!  Also, I passed my 1 hour gestational diabetes test  - barely, one more point and I'd have failed, but passing, even with a D-, is passing.  I'll take it.

Baby Nameless Boy Three is doing well, I'm measuring on track, his heartbeat sounds good, my blood pressure is good, and he's moving like crazy.  My status on Facebook last night was about how he's a kickboxer!  He must have worn himself out kicking me from the inside out, because he's been slightly subdued since late last night.  He's still moving, just a little less, making me a little more comfortable.  Or less uncomfortable, which sounds more accurate.

Last Saturday, my wonderful mother in law watched the boys so we could have an early Valentine's Day Date.  Since I was dressed and make-upped, we took a Week 28 picture.  Also, so this kid knows I really do care, despite NOT taking bi-weekly belly pics like I did with the twins!

28 Weeks with Baby Boy Three
28 Weeks with M and N
Hm, I swear I was bigger back then (never mind I never lost all my twin baby weight).  I surely FEEL smaller this time around! Or maybe just less pregnant.

Anyhow, that's the update!  To be truthful, we are narrowing the name selection down to just a few, so he'll have a name, even if we have to write down our list and pull one out of a hat! 

Also, I need to make a correction to today's previous ipad post: I graduated MAGNA cum laude, not summa cum laude.  Thanks for keeping me humble, Hubs.

Bonus Pic: here's N choosing his very first Poopy Prize Jar Prize: it was a dum-dum.  He wised up the next time and pulled out a ring pop (yuck).
ALWAYS with the hood.  He's wearing it again today!


Erin Pack said...

Okay, you look about the same size as me! Super adorable. Maybe we can get together over my spring break. Are you in town March 10th- 14th ish?

Cuz I'm the mama! said...

You are looking great. And a date night? That's awesome. I hear ya on the name choices - it's hard!! I'm in the last weeks and it's now starting to feel like it's going slow just b/c I am so uncomfortable. Crazy how it can fly by and then all of a sudden to come a screeching halt. Can't wait to meet your new little man!