Thursday, February 16, 2012

Experimenting with the iPad

Today is the third day N is staying in due to an annoying low grade temp. I'm glad it's nothing more, but it's caused him to miss school - Daddy and M had a social outing to school and the flower shop to pick out my Valentine's "roses" (aka begonias) - and to cancel hosting a play date at our house today.

So now the boys and I are sitting at the table doing play dough and I'm thinking I haven't blogged in almost a week. Hubs has a me iPad, which he generously shares with me (when he's home) so I thought I'd test out its blogging capabilities. So far, it's easier than my iPhone, but typing is harder than my desktop, despite being told its just like a keyboard. Guess it will take time.

Next I,ll try to upload the play dough pics I just took. Here goes....

Not working. I can't choose the "choose image" button on this device just like I can't on my iPhone which is why they are sans photos when I blog on the phone. Surely ther is a fix for this? Is it a blogger issue or just me? Maybe Bonnie will know.

She's the awesome twin mom whose blog I love, (try insert link then have blogger tell me it won't ave due to errors) Hm, doesn't look like that like is gonna work either. Just use the link on the left of the page to check out her blog. Last month she posted about iPad apps her boys like to play and we downloaded several of them for our kids to play as a poop-on-the-potty reward when it appeared the poopy prize jar wasn't working.

Side note: Prize jar is beginning to work. M has gone several time this week and N twice, but since he's not been feeling well, he's had more accidents. Frustrating, but par for the course, I suppose. M has been choosing those nasty ring pops over iPad apps. Thank goodness there is only one left. I'd remove it, but he knows it's there.

Verdict: better than a phone blog update, but not by much. Blogs without pics are terribly boring. Maybe they'll finally nap this afternoon so I can get to my trusty rusty desktop. And I can't stand the auto correct feature- makes me look completely dumb like I can't spell, which is far from true. I won second place in the Bay County spelling bee in sixth grade. Among other literary accomplishments, like graduating summa cum laude with an English major, but iPad is no respecter of persons.

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Bonnie@TheFragileXFiles said...

I have trouble getting photos into blog posts on the iPad too.... are you using the BlogPress app? That is how I'm doing it.