Friday, February 24, 2012

Bright Spot

In an otherwise not-too-bright week (need I remind you of the rear-view-mirror-up-the-nose and innumerable potty accidents?). 

Unaided, M drew his initial on the easel! THEN, he posed for a photo - unbelievable!
He went on to add a "W," his middle initial, directly above it.  We were very impressed.  When asked to repeat the performance this morning, he drew...a mountain range.

But it's still progress!

And for the record, N can also make a few select letters on the easel.  A few weeks ago, he drew an "H" for the first time, then a "T."  While they are not his initials, they ARE necessary for actually spelling his name.

Remember when you count your blessings they always outnumber your tears. That's what we do.  Much love to you this weekend.

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