Thursday, February 9, 2012

Broken Glass, Happy Home

Twice in two weeks, I've ushered the boys downstairs in order to clean up broken glass. Both were accidents, both were because M broke something. It occurred to me today: our home is beginning to look like we've been married a long time because now the kids are breaking our wedding gifts.

Last week it was a lovely handmade clock that has been with us through three moves in two states, crashed to the floor in a million pieces. In its place hangs a $5 Target special in navy and clashes horrifically with our decor. I'm no interior decorator, but I'm positive it shouldn't hang there, aesthetically speaking. However, I simply CAN'T go without a clock on that wall. So there it hangs, tick-tocking its way into my sub conscience. But the boys love it. They love to tell the story of the "old clock broke, in the garbage, new clock on the wall!". Not sure if I'll change it to a prettier one, the storytelling is so cute.

Today it was yet another one of my favorite drinking glasses that match our wedding gift stoneware, which, come to think of it, no longer matches our decor (not into blue anymore) but DOES match the ugly clock. I think I'm down to three from eight.

I guess it's forcing me to keep my floors clean. And keep me humble, because in four short months, Hubs and I will celebrate our ten year anniversary - which actually IS a long time! Not on a second honeymoon, not in a vow-renewal ceremony, but together in our mismatched-decor-incomplete-glass-set house with our three wonderful sons, maybe just maybe sleeping 5 hours at a time.

Who could ask for more?

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Bonnie@TheFragileXFiles said...

Aw, what a lovely way to see their destruction!