Thursday, February 23, 2012

Forgive Me

For my absolute insanity yesterday. Obviously I need to get a grip. The day went from bad, when I posted, to worse throughout the evening and well into the night. Now that both boys are sleeping and all I hear is the incessant clock ticking, I'm feeling better and realizing that he will not be pooping his pants when I send him to school.

Your reassurance and suggestions are helpful. I think MO is right, that his sphincter muscles may not be developed yet. I think MW is right, that he's conditioned himself to poo in his nap diaper like Pavlov's dog's. And AK is right, it's just going to take more time than I want (or have).

It's probably not fair that he's a twin and M breezed through this potty training and he's struggling. This may be my first lesson in teaching twins. I've had "indivIidualization in education" pounded into my head quite thoroughly for 11 years now, but it takes a very personal situation to understand its importance at the cellular level. Obviously, my kids learn differently, despite their being twins. Clearly, my stressing out is not going to help N learn this new skill. Therefore, I need to relax and re-strategize. I'd start with a glass of wine, but since I can't do that, a chocolate pop-tart and a glass of milk will have to do.

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Cuz I'm the mama! said...

I love the pop tart and milk for starters. You are not crazy - you are just pregnant and wanting this very difficult transition to be in place pre-baby. Who can blame you?? We we're on a similar path ... with Ms. K cooperating and Ms. R, not cooperating. Then -- I was run over with a 3 week sinus infection and the last weeks of pregnancy. I gave up at that point. Literally, gave up. We are not revisiting for awhile. So - be proud you actually tackled it early enough for it to stick for one of your guys before the baby arrives. We'll be making a big move in June and so between the new baby and the move - I might just wait until AFTER all of that at this point unless they show major interest. I agree that each kiddo is different and it's our first lesson in how challenging this is going to be with two at the same age/stage. BUT - we can do it! Hope that pop tart was amazing! ;)