Friday, February 17, 2012

iphone pics

 Here are a few recent iphone pics I emailed to myself tonight just to show you.  I'm not savvy enough to know how to blog them from my phone, but every now and then I get a funny photo with my iphone when I'm not prepared with my camera.  Here are a couple:

Last week, the activity table at our Wednesday morning ECFE class was filled with sunflower seeds - there is a new medium every week.  Here is evidence to prove to you that N wears his hoodie sweatshirt as often as possible!  But the real reason this is funny is because M spent much of his playtime here, "making coffee" like Daddy!  The sunflower seeds look quite like the coffee beans he "helps" Daddy grind in the morning. 
Here's the funny one, above, where he fills the container with seeds, puts his hand over the top (the way Daddy holds the lid down) and makes a "whirrrrrrrrrrr!" sound just like the grinder!  The best part is when he brings me a cup full of beans and says, "here's your coffee!"  I love, love, love it.

 Last night, I made the boys have playtime in the playroom, but instead of running around doing housework (like normal) I stayed put on the futon.  I should - and will - do that more often, because even though I wasn't down on the floor playing with them, they would still come over to me from time to time and bring me a toy.  I suppose it's good practice for them, to be doing independent play while I'm in the room, like I will be this summer, nursing their brother.  M loves his matchbox cars and started driving one all over me, then on my belly, talking to baby brother.  It only lasted a few seconds, but I got a quick shot of him playing cars with baby brother, below.   For being such a serious baby, he's becoming a very sweet and caring little boy.

Above is the photo I took of the boys potty training today.  I thought it was adorable because I knew that one of them was working on a number two (sniff, sniff) and when I told them it was potty time, they both grabbed a book and ran to the bathroom.  They sat like this, waiting, for so long that I finally snapped a pic because it was so cute!  They are finally finally getting it!  This session lasted just about 10 minutes and resulted in two pee pee hits, so it was still successful.  When the time for the poo to come came, it happened fast!  M is making great strides and generally keeping clean and dry all day.  N is keeping dry all day when he's feeling well and trying really really hard to get that poo in the potty, which is also progress, since he wasn't really trying a week ago.

By the way, his fever has been gone since late afternoon yesterday.  I don't know what it was, but I suspect a mild ear infection was the culprit.  I'll never really know.

It's Friday night again - have a great weekend!

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