Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fire Truck Day!

Our Early Childhood Family Education class was invited to the public school pre-school's Fire Truck Day yesterday.  I knew right away that I wanted to take the boys, so after lunch, instead of stories and rest time, we loaded up and drove across town.  It was the perfect opportunity to get a peek at the preschool and see how the boys behaved in a preschool setting.

First we joined two other classes in a classroom while Fireman M showed us all of his gear and taught us "stop, drop, and roll."  M was fascinated, N was more interested in checking out all of the amazing toys and displays in the classroom - not that I could blame him, there was a lot to look at in there!  Afterward, Fireman M allowed the kids to try on kid-sized suits (both boys declined) and check out his gear.  My guys were digging his flashlight, after he put away his very noisy oxygen tank.  They had their hands over their ears until it was out of sight.

 Then we went outside to check out the firetruck.  It was so cute to see the guys standing in line with the pre-school class!  They were so excited to check out all the equipment and get in the truck, but the best part was at the end, when he allowed each child to wear fireman gloves and shoot the hose!  This was very exciting but also particularly difficult since we were at the end of the line, being non-students.  But the guys waited (somewhat) patiently, hopping, bouncing, and pushing C's stroller about.
M is third from the left...are you picking your nose?  N seems to be paying attention to the teacher.

 It was totally worth the (10 minute) wait!!

I particularly like the last one, where N pointed the hose straight up!  I think Fireman M might like this part of his job the best.  This was so much fun, and what I liked the best was that I was able to be there enjoying the moment with them.

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