Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My weight loss plan

  1. Don't weigh yourself
  2. Nurse the hungriest baby on the planet on demand
  3. Don't eat the kid's nuggets and mini corn dogs
  4. Instead, dine on hummus and pita chips while watching TLC and blogging.
  5. Don't sit down between 7am and 8:30 pm.
  6. Then get on the scale when your baby is almost 5 months old and 
  7. EGADS! Lose 44lbs in 5 months! 
It's not perfect, but it works. Pretty sure step 8 is exercise, but I'm not going there. Not until I know the date I need to be a matron of honor ;)....I work best under a deadline. 

I'm so subtle.

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