Friday, October 19, 2012

Slow Poke

M and N, 9 months
C is getting so big that he's outgrowing clothes faster than I can dress him!  Here's a perfect example.  First is N wearing the cutest Gymboree Outfit, "Slow Poke."  This was the boys' "official" 9 month photo, taken February 2010.  (Oh, the things we did as first time moms!  Poor C is just lucky to have ANY photos!)  I thought the boys were so chubby and loved N's little tummy poofing out the top of the khakis, which are adorned with tiny green embroidered turtles.

C, 5 months
Now that the weather is cool, I pulled out Slow Poke for C to wear to church on Sunday.  We will call this his "official" 5 month (plus a few days) photo.  I knew we had to take a picture because he wasn't going to wear it again - just a bit snug, eh? My little "Slow Poke" isn't so slow - he's growing like a weed!  I pulled out all the 12 month winter clothes today and they fit!  It's going too fast already.

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