Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Hubs uses that term when he talks about his work. "The department is going through a re-org," etc. Since I've been in a purging mood lately (the MVMOM sale started it) and since the boys were sniffly and seemingly bored, today was Play Room Re Org.

One of the (many) reasons we chose to move to this house last year was its space for playing, indoors and out. It took most of last winter to convince the boys they had an incredible play room, then it got warm outside! Now that I've deemed it too cold to nurse, I mean, play, outside (all day) it was time for the Re Org.

We started with just plain picking up. N is an excellent helper, sings the "clean up" song, and puts things away. M tells N what to clean next! We have daily conversations with him about Mommy and Daddy being in charge. It's like talking to N about pooping on the potty. No Comprendo!!

Then we vacuumed, as in, I vacuumed and the boys stood on the couch asking, "are you done yet?" Which was better than screaming and crying like they used to.

We assembled a foam floor mat to carve a space for C to play, disassembled one train set and put up the other, matched a thousand random pieces to their proper grouping, and clandestinely tossed broken items all morning long. My sort-of goal this winter is to teach them to clean up a toy before the next. It's daunting but I watch them do it cheerfully every Monday at ECFE.

I left the storage closet unlocked though. While I was upstairs changing C, what did they do? Play with the clean, organized toys? No. They found all the Little People and toddler toys I've packed up for C. Oh, well. They are playing together happily, which is mostly a miracle on yet another refusing to nap day. Play Room Re Org complete. For now!

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