Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

Carving a pumpkin last night with Daddy...they help scoop out the guts - my favorite is M's face in the photo below!  eew!

Boo!  Our finished product
 Some families dress together in MVMOM wore a chef's coat and hat and her quints dressed as hotdogs, ketchup, and mustard!  Not us...nope.  We went as (look closely!)
  • a fireman
  • a frog
  • a dragon
  • Uncle Rico
  • a chicken 
Cheese!  M the firefighter and N the frog

Here comes baby brother...

Mommy and the boys

Daddy and the boys
Did you figure it out?  M is wearing last year's fireman costume.  N STILL refuses to wear the fireman costume so we compromised - he loves the frog hat I crocheted him, so he's wearing green pants and a shirt to go with it.  C is wearing cousin E's former dragon costume.  Hubs is wearing his 1999 football jersey, hence, I call him Uncle Rico (the character from Napoleon Dynamite).  Upon meeting these creatures, they insisted I also dress up, so I popped on my old flapper costume wig, whereupon M dubbed me a "chicken."

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