Monday, October 15, 2012

Car Talk

M and N's cars "talk" to each other while they play. Normally they talk about where they're going, which is always where we've been. So the cars go to church, school, the library, the grocery store, our friend's houses, and recently, the allergist. I overheard this while folding laundry nearby last week:
M: you're going to the allergist. Is it ouchie there?
N: no, it's scratchy there
M: Don't be afraid, God is with you!

It's getting through! Every now and then, I can see that our hard work is paying off. Like last night, Hubs told me that the boys picked up all their toys before coming inside (they put their remote control cars into the decorated shoebox). Thank you Lord!

On an unrelated note, I hate weird noises in my house in the dark. Gives me the creeps.

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