Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Born to be Slaves?

My in laws love to tell a story about Hubs, who was assigned to lawn mowing as a tween-ager. Incensed at the idea of yard work, he retorted, "you just had kids so they could be your slaves!"

I thought of that this morning, after the third cup of juice splashed across the hardwood floor, when I decided the boys were going to help me mop it.

We swept, I filled the sprayer with vinegar and water, we sprayed, and wiped. I thought I was a genius because they were having so much fun!

For ten minutes. They lost interest when the actual black fuzz on juice spots had been wiped. I told M to get a tissue for his nose and he could be excused to the play room.

He wiped it with the dirty vinegar water floor rag and scampered off.

I finished the floor on my hands and knees myself. So much for my slave labor.

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