Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas Highlights

1. Spending time with all 3 of my siblings. Spread across 4 states and 2 time zones, we can't get all together very often, so this was a special year!

2. Snacking on Christmastime goodies. I'm eating the last of mom's caramel cashew corn and drinking the second to last Vernor's and eggnog as I write.

3. Four Christmas parties in 24 hours! That must be some kind of record I think!, especially since Santa visited two of them. M LOVED it and was right up there chatting him up, N was watching from a safe distance (no WAY was he getting a photo taken with that guy!) and C was unphased.

4. Ordering a bridesmaid dress and suit for Hubs' siblings spring weddings! We are so excited and happy for Aunt L, Uncle D, and their fiancé(s)! What a fantastically wonderful year 2013 is going to be!

5. Worshipping two Sundays at our home church, Christian Celebration Center. We receive a warm welcome from old friends and the boys LOVE Power Plant, the kids' church.

6. Watching the cousins play together. My kids are numbers 5,6, and 8 of 8 grandchildren for my parents. They love hanging out with the "big kids" (there are 3 5 year olds!) and following them around. We all spent half a day at a nearby water park last Thursday. My boys were like little fish in a big pond there, but they loved every second of sliding, splashing, and squirting!

7. Going on a hot date with Hubs while the kids stayed with Grandma. Free babysitting at its finest!

8. Reflecting on our many blessings in 2012 and looking forward to an exciting 2013 as we celebrate New Year's Eve with our families tonight. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Here are a few random pics from my phone...the 3 and 5 year olds demolishing Hubs on Christmas Eve, me and Steve trying on wedding clothes, and my Mother in Law's mantle this year-Aunt L and I had to make 4 new stockings for my C, the fiancé(s) and A, J's son! Wowzers, what a lot of stockings!

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