Thursday, December 13, 2012

Silent Night?

I have a confession to make. I took myself out on a date last night.

Hubs convinced me to hire a sitter while he's gone on this long trip for no other reason than to have a night off of nose and butt wiping. So I hired the sitter but neglected to make plans, and of course, my last minute attempts to meet friends failed.

So I used a 7 month old gift card and took myself and my Christmas cards to Applebee's. I was seated near a table of 4, but only listened to 1. Through the powers of observation, I discovered he was a local German professor. He spent most of 2 hours speaking in his awesome German accent...basically about life in Germany as a student, about German small businesses, about iPads in education...all good and entertaining. He reminded me of a certain Chinese professor I had who just loved to hear the sound of his own voice! I guess you need the gift of gab to be a language professor!

So my silent night wasn't completely silent! But I managed to get the cards (mostly) done, and ate my hot meal in peace. Bummer I let my server talk me in to what I figured out was a weight watchers dish! Ah well, I figured that earned me a dessert- my very own that I didn't share with anyone!

Then, like my dates with Hubs usually end, I made a Target run for diapers and almond milk. I stood in the toys aisle debating what to get the boys until I realized it was after 9 and had to hustle back. What are your thoughts on Imaginext? Last night I realized we HAVE to do Christmas with the kids this weekend because we will be traveling back to MI next! Aagh!


Meika said...

I get a sitter for at least one evening every time Mike leaves. Sixteen-hour work days are no good for anyone, ESPECIALLY if you're full-contact parenting. (I know, your hubs travels a lot more than Mike does. Still.)

Also, love the Christmas realization - I realized at 4:30 pm last Saturday that that was our last free day before Christmas. Whoops!

Cuz I'm the mama! said...

Your hubby is a SMART man. So glad you took his advice and did this!! I also love the multi-tasking never stops (xmas cards)! Hope your hubs is home SOON!! Send me an email with an update when you can!

April said...

Stewart LOVES imaginext. :) Walmart had a huge playset on sale for $20 ( He also has a plane and a toy story car too.
Glad you had a nice date night! I would have loved to join you if it wasn't grandma christmas.