Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Long Drive

Merry Merry! We made it to MI with 3 munchies in just 13.5 hours, which must be some kind of record, especially since the fellas did NOT sleep all night like I expected.

I talked Hubs into letting me drive the first leg, and when he said yes, I jumped at the chance. After keeping the boys up all afternoon in hopes of them falling asleep early, as well as packing up the suitcases and the van, I was ready for him to have a turn with the fellas.

While gassing up and filling the tires, M had a bit of a freak out when he understood we were about to drive. "I wanna fly in the plaaaaaaane!" He cried.

We stopped two hours in for Culver's, but N refused to finish his butter burger. A mom with 4 teen age sons saw our crew, smiled and told me, "you got off easy having three," I laughed, because I saw their family nearby and wondered how many burgers I'll have to buy in ten years. Two hours later, when we thought the boys were sleeping, we heard much crinkling of wrappers. N was eating his ice cold burger.

After paying $13 in tolls going through Chicago (why?!) we had the home stretch back into Michigan.

All in all, not bad, could've been worse, just glad we're here. Tomorrow morning begins the festivities!

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