Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Twins Again?!

Disclaimer: Baby V is an absolute gem and I would be pleased as punch if my matchmaking efforts pay off in 25 years. while i wait for my kids to appreciate this arrangement, we have this funny story to tell.

C has a girlfriend. She's a teeny little peanut born just 28 hours before he was, but you wouldn't know it looking at them. C looks like he ate her lunch!

V needed a place to crash this afternoon, so we hosted her- but no sleeping in the same room, you two! She got the ol' pack and play in my room, and good thing, too, because WHOO-whee! Does that tiny girl have a set of lungs on her!

C passed out after lunch like the guy he is and we didn't hear from him all afternoon. V needed a *wee bit* more attention than she thought I was giving one told her she was going to the nap nazi's house today, poor thing.

Whew, it took me straight back three years to the days of whack-a-mole nap times. If you get one down, the other pops right back up, repeat ad nauseum.

Sweet baby girl V finally gave up and napped for whopping 45 minutes so I could reheat leftover chili, fold a laundry load and get the mail (see, I told ya!) and when I had put my dish in the washer, contemplating a humorous blog post about the adventure, wouldn't you know it? Nap was over and it was time to feed them both!

So V got her baba lying next to me as I sat on the floor nursing C. By the time they were changed, fed, and sitting together on the blanket and I was about to take a pic for this blog, V's mama rescued her.

People tell me that one day I'll want to go back....I'm having doubts about going back to twin 7 month old teething infants, though.

C and V in their matching owl hats last month:

Edited 12/20: Baby V got antibiotics today, so she wasn't hating on me as much as I thought. But she wasn't running a fever either poor girl-it's so hard to tell then! Get well soon little sister!

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