Monday, December 10, 2012

The Scoop

Ok, here's the scoop. I haven't blogged for several reasons.
1. My twins rarely nap, leaving me exactly 1.21 hours of "free time" after they fall asleep at night. I'm like a wet noodle, and often use it for showering, watching TV, or pointlessly reading Facebook, Pinterest, or other equally educational activities. Or nursing C.
2. I prefer using Dino desktop because it has a keyboard, rather than pecking out each individual letter on my iPhone. But it's dying...a very slow and painful death.
3. Now blogger says I've used up all my storage. But I didn't know I HAD storage. So when I went to see the stats on said storage it said I'm using 30%. If my calculations are correct that means I still have 70%, no? No! No uploading pics for you!
4. I'm busy. Did I mention that I stay at home with 2 3 year olds and a 7 month old, none if whom nap simultaneously anymore? Three years ago I was queen of all nap nazis. I've fallen from grace and now I'm like sleep? What's that? Oh yeah and the twins aren't in preschool but that's gonna change next month. Still working out the kinks so stay tuned on that one.
4. Last night I baked an awesome batch of biscotti and snapped a pic on my iPhone. Then I put it on Facebook. Then this morning I remembered the blogger app and tested to see if it allows phone pics. so it does. Don't know why, guessing it has something to do with the size if the photo.
5. So I'm blogging again with the phone. The pics won't be awesome, but I'm back. This not so little fella didn't get enough dinner so I'm off to feed him some more!The grammar will probably stink like a Diaper Champ, too, because of trusty ol autocorrect. 

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Meika said...

Glad you're back, Kim! Naps are such a glorious thing. It is so, so sad when they're gone. I kept Chloe going on 2 naps a day until she was at least 18 months old (granted, the afternoon nap started around 3pm!). Neither of the other girls is quite so accommodating. So much to do yet tonight... and so. kidsed. out. May your boys, by some miracle, nap concurrently tomorrow.