Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pizza and Toots

Awhile back I started telling you about the baby dedication and tried to show you a pic.

We took M and N out of kiddie church to be a part if their brother's dedication. They were wiggly and squirmy, up and down from our arms. Looking at themselves on the screen, and basically being distracting. I'm sure they'd been having fun, eating snacks and would have rather been with the kids! M decided to sit down at his Daddy's feet, lean a little to the left, and let her rip! I smiled because farts are funny when you have 2 3 year olds- I knew he was likely pleased with himself. Then a few seconds later, I saw our pastor's wife in the front row laughing hysterically-as the odor wafted up toward us. I couldn't help it and tried with all my might to suppress a laugh, but I was not successful. I know Pastor sensed something was up- he'd had his back to us and was teaching the congregation about child dedication- as he smiled,albeit quizzically, at us. But he continued on, all of breathing M's odiferous gas as we oh do solemnly prayed over C. Funny stuff- I'm still laughing about it.

And last night "the three of us," as M put it, made individual pizzas. I had a hankering for kalamata olives (and a big mess on our freshly mopped floor). N put some on his, but picked them off in the end. At least he thought about trying!

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