Saturday, January 26, 2013


So our new plan is to make N The Boss of his pee pee and poopies. As long as he doesn't have to go number 2, it works great. But every other day it's....not so great.

How long do I give this method? And if I quit, what then?

We are supposed to act like we don't care, too, which is pretty difficult. And even rewards of his choosing are not incentive enough- even special outings.

He's missing a special outing with Daddy, M, and Aunt L right now because he did it again. We are trying to get across that kids who mess their pants can't do fun outings, but after he cries while they're getting ready to go, he's over it and totally ok with being here!

(Sigh) I guess the silver lining is that he's stating dry on his own pretty well in the morning, enough that I think it will be ok to send him to preschool and the accidents will happen at home in the afternoon/evening.

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Cuz I'm the mama! said...

May the patience be with you. You have done all you can - rest in that. And I feel like one day he will just GET IT. NOW WOULD BE GOOD!!! Ugh. It's crazy how each kid is so very different, but I promise you -- he will be thanking his mama when he isn't going to high school in diapers. He owes you BIG!!