Thursday, January 10, 2013


In place of "naptime," which morphed into VERY unsuccessful "quiet time" over the last few months, as some folks suggested I try, I've taken the boys outside this week. It's been warm- as in between 25-35 degrees!- and they LOVE sledding down our hill, I guess it's an embankment, but it's just the right size for the kids and its in our side yard, so we go when C takes his afternoon nap.

They've also shoveled most of the lawn, "helped" build an igloo- okay, they just watched me make bricks- tried ice skating, Er, walking on the rink in our neighborhood, and rode their bikes and cozy coupes- no small feat with those snow pants and boots!

I've enjoyed getting some fresh air this week and become nearly streamlined in bundling the kids. We had a classic moment today where the kid (N, of course) finally gets outside and says "I have to go to the bathroom!" I thought, are you kidding me? I just took you! Well 5 minutes later he said it again so I knew it was true and raced him inside-score! He made it! I was going to say its a small victory, but for him, it's HUGE!

I'm not getting much done this week in the housekeeping department because the boys are awake 7-7, but soon I hope , I'll get organized and energized to use my evenings more wisely. Right now I'm just passing out and thanking Jesus for helping me make it through the day!

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