Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Plan

It's to make N in charge of his own potty needs. It means no reminders, no potty breaks determined by mommy, and N cleans himself up. We had a talk last night about it; we turned all responsibility over to him. He didn't seem to care.

This morning we reminded him out of habit, then handed him his unders to put on because he pulled his soaked diaper back up. That was about two hours ago.

It's killing me to not take him to the bathroom, but he seems happy to be not bothered by me. That is, of course, what the expert in the article I read suggesting this method, says is the problem; he's rebelling.

We figure its worth a shot; he's staying mostly dry and taking himself pee pee sometimes. So the danger is only that he might mess his pants, which is what he's been doing anyhow with a hundred reminders and potty breaks. We've got nothing to lose and everything to gain at this point.

I suppose I'm helicopter parenting this morning. I set the two boys up on blankets to play (and its been working for almost 30 minutes!) while I finish crocheting a gift....and stare at N, willing him to take himself potty. M is thrilled that he has the privilege of running errands with Daddy this morning, something we've been allowing so N gets the idea that boys who poop in the potty get to do fun outings (like preschool!), but he seems happy as a lark playing with his Trios WITHOUT M.

So he may have found a loophole....

Oh, and I tried bribing him to sit on the potty with playing games on my iPhone yesterday. He took about 50 pictures if himself sitting there, and are all variations of this one. Funny kid, he is!

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