Thursday, January 31, 2013

Amazing Race Leg 1

Today was Leg 1: Aunt L, the kids and I fly to MI.

After a busy morning of frozen waffles on paper plates, stripping beds and taping a few more boxes, my friend A arrived to taxi us to MSP. We said good-bye to our house, prayed together, and took a moving out picture on the front porch just like the day we moved in.

When we backed out at 10:15, the replacement moving truck was to arrive at noon. Wait, did you just say replacement truck? Yeah, I did. Our first one had non-functioning running lights that the mechanic couldn't fix:(

Thank The Lord for good friends and good aunties who made the rest of the day run smoothly! Like a well-oiled machine, we unloaded cars seats and suitcases, checked baggage and whisked through security, despite forgetting C's stroller! At least we remembered the baby!

Another small victory? I didn't pack straw cups for the kids' airplane snacks: we had to use the regular plastic cups AND NO ONE SPILLED. Also, both boys stayed dry all day. Have you ever taken a 3 year old boy to the bathroom on a CRJ? Quite an accomplishment, let me tell you! And I got to do it not once but twice! Which reminds me I also got to nurse one more time on the airport bathroom floor, in part because we also forgot to pack C solid food! He didn't seem to mind eating a half canister of baby puffs and little bites if our Chic-Fil-A sandwich buns for lunch.

After all those shenanigans, iPad games, and some DVD watching, we finally landed to see a special surprise: wonderful Great Grandpa P picking us up in our beloved, spacious, and still filthy from our Christmas drive minivan!

Now C is sleeping, the boys are playing in my mom's basement, and We are waiting to hear what the truck company is going to do since truck number two was frozen up. Major truck problems in MN, but trying to stay positive. What was a slight mechanical delay is now putting us behind almost a whole day. I will keep you posted!

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Cuz I'm the mama! said...

Dejavu! We, too, we're told of ''mechanical' issues with moving trucks! My hubby has a theory. I'll have to fill u in! Prayers it's resolved soon! Hang in!!