Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I Surrender!

I'Ve finally given up trying to get M and N to nap anymore. My friend convinced me yesterday, and I figured, if she can be pregnant and at home with her 3.5 yo twins, then I don't have an excuse anymore. I've been lying to myself that they were actually sleeping, because if I tried for 7 days, only 3 or 4 of 14 possible naps were actually taken, and usually with negative results between the hours of 5-9pm.

Last night I was having serious doubts about my Decision, since they were literally jumping on their beds for 45 minutes, resulting in...well, a pretty awful bedtime.

Then today I taught Practice Preschool again from 8:30-11:30, which nearly killed me by the way, and I *almost* caved in and put them to bed after lunch. But recalling my friend's wonder at her sons' extraordinary new bedtime routine, I pressed ahead and took them outside to sled after C went down for his afternoon nap.

A little fresh air and a few climbs up the "hill" on our side yard and I was feeling better because I totally planned to park them in front of the TV for a bit. And call me Ned Flanders, but I made them watch a Christian themed DVD too!

Keep in mind we are pressing hard to get N potty trained by the end of the month and you can imagine I was pretty "pooped" when the DVD ended and it was only 3:30!

They were kind of falling apart about 4:00, so I fed them dinner early...long story short, it was LOOOOONG Day, but it ended well

With snuggles and stories at 6:30, prayer and teeth brushing at 6:45, door closed by 7:00, and just a couple of empty threats before silence at 7:15. Take note of the time this is posted and know that I'm enjoying reaping the benefits of my hard work the last two days.

Now, what do people watch on prime time television? I'm ready for some suggestions now that my kids will be sleeping!

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Pam Kelsey said...

Yeah! It's all good. Those "me" hours in the evening are wonderful! Good job! See, you really can outsmart kids :) ...if you have the stamina!