Friday, January 4, 2013

Pre Pre School: Survive January

The debate is over: M and N will be attending preschool beginning February 5. That gives me 4 weeks to complete N's potty training and get them ready.

Yesterday was the typical disastrous first day back from a trip: unpacking suitcases, Grocery shopping, washing mountains of laundry, sorting 10 days' worth of mail, and the kids running amok, unsure of how to play without aunts, uncles, cousins, and their iPads and other assorted gizmos.

They refused naps as well, so after they passed out and I consumed an adult beverage and half a bag of Christmas pretzel m&m's, I decided today had to be different. One could call it a New Year's resolution, if one were inclined to keeping them. But I've failed every NYR I've made, so I'm not calling it anything. Except Survive January. That fits.

Eschewing all housework (the carnage!) I've convinced them that today we are practicing preschool. So far, we've spent an hour playing with busy bags (and cleaning them up because that's what preschool kids do - it worked!) eating a healthy snack, taking a potty break (N is earning stickers) and doing play dough. Now I'm supervising independent play in the playroom while pecking this out.

So far, it's 100% better than yesterday, but I have serious doubts how long I can keep this up. I guess at least 2 more hours because that's how long the class goes.

I'm absolutely certain changing my major from elementary to secondary education way back in 1999 was the right decision, by the way.

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