Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

1. Three boys in red shirts on a red chair holding "happy" "<3" "day!" I only make it LOOK easy. My boys are my little loves and had a ball today! It's so fun that they are getting old enough to understand and enjoy holidays. I cut strawberries and bologna sandwiches into hearts for their lunch and they gobbled them up. I love it because they are really GETTING stuff like that!

2. Then the chaos of my first preschool Valentine's party- yikes! I'm pretty sure I was the only one a wee but overwhelmed trying to juggle a baby and help make TWO twizzler/Froot Loop bracelets, TWO play dough-thumbprint ornaments, TWO conversation candy hearts bingo, 34 Valentine bag get the picture. The other moms were all calm cool and collected taking care of their one 3 Year old! i was also meeting AACS and WHS classmates whose children are in the boys' class. That was fun, and the women look just like they did in high school - hope they can say the same about me ;)

3. Baking a pie for our Valentine's dessert. M chose the raspberry filling and the boys helped mix the dough out. It was pretty good for my first home made pie!

4. Having some family members over for Valentine's BBQ pork sandwiches and pie. Valentine's Day is about spending time with those you love, not all the trapping our society tries to sell us. I think today's low key family day has been my best V Day of all.

5. It occurred to me as our guests perused our unearthed wedding photos that every day is Valentine's Day for me. All those Valentine's Days before 2002, I was dreaming for this one. When I'm home with a husband who loves me, kids who love me (but are mad BC I cut off the Halloween-sized candy haul they got at school), surrounded by family who us, too.

5. And I finished Downton Abbey Season 1. Holy smokes, I'm hooked!

Thank you Lord, for a really fantastic day!

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