Friday, May 24, 2013

Celebration Preparation

Pastor used 1 Chronicles 29:22 on Mother's Day. It reads, "they ate and drank with great joy in the presence of The Lord that day."

It came to mind this evening, when I was cleaning the kitchen for the 4th time today, exhausted from a week of parenting alone and prepping for the twins' birthday party tomorrow. I was wondering why on earth I did this to myself, planning two birthday parties 3 weeks apart? And having myself a pity party because it took me 10 hours to cut fruit, decorate cakes, the kitchen, and create a slideshow while feeding the family three meals as well (Hubs did arrive safe and sound fresh off the red eye from LAX to mow, just so y'all know;) Then a thought asked me, "who is in those slideshow photos?" Because that's how He talks to me, in my own thought voice, but I know it's Him because it's never a thought I would think myself!!

So I thought to myself, "our families,"

He reminded me this is another gathering our families are celebrating in less than a month - a wedding, a first birthday, mother's day, and tomorrow, the twins' birthday. What a blessing to have so much love, so much family, so much life to celebrate together! 

Tomorrow we will eat frog and construction truck cakes and drink soda and pink lemonade with great joy in the presence of The Lord, celebrating four indescribably fabulous years of our sons.


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