Friday, May 31, 2013


1. Sitting at Mom's waiting for a grumpy 1 year old to fall asleep so that 
2. Hubs and I can leave for a much needed weekend away! Special thanks go out to Grandma and Grandpa K and Grandma A and Aunt L who are each taking the boys for 24 hours. You can do it! I believe in you!!!
3. In other news, I'm recovering from the shock of my bad pediatrician experience this week and now have a list of local providers considered in-network by insurance. Looks like Ill have to find a family doc and perhaps drive further than I think is ideal, but at this point that's better than flying them back to our old pediatrician in MN, which I considered momentarily! 
4. I love love the warm weather and have decided I'm not buying any more pants. At least till fall, I'm not bothering with trying to fit my post-2-C-sections body into any more pants. Last summer I discovered, perhaps for the first time in my life, sundresses. Absolutely nothing fit so I bought Target clearance sundresses that were so much cooler than pants AND I could nurse in them! I've passed them on to friends now that I'm back to pre-C weight and no longer nursing. I unpacked my clothes from 2 summers ago. Guess what? They don't fit! Properly, anyhow. I swear Dr. C. Cut me in such a way that my clothes shall never fit again. The scar IS crooked, so it must be HIS fault. So, skirts and sundresses.

5. C is asleep and the twins are watching something educational with Grandpa it appears, so I'm off. Looking forward to sleeping in and drinking my coffee hot.

6. P.s. mom and Dad, the twins were up at 6am today. Good luck! 

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HAVE.A.BLAST!! :):):):):)