Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

I got to spend it with my own grandmother and mother and kids, a thing I grew up believing was the most normal and natural thing in the world to do, because that's what my family has always done. 

Now that I'm 35 and have lived (just) a little, I've come to learn how precious life really is.  So many people I know and love couldn't do that yesterday.  I don't take my mom for granted.  All I could do was buy her a potted flower and spend the day with her; attending church, eating lunch, cleaning the kitchen together, going out to The Party (stay tuned for pics).  Basically doing all the things I hope my sons will want to do with me in 32 years - hang out and share life together.

I love you, Mom.

Here are what I'm calling our Mother's Day 2013 photos, taken May 4 at C's party.  So we got the back of M's head, so what?  It's not like he would have actually looked at the camera if we'd tried.  Because believe me, we tried to get one at the wedding!  (See Below)
I love you, Mom!

Me and my 3 boys!!
Here's a sample of our "family" photo from Uncle D's imagine 30 shots of this, each one not right because the kids are whipping the flowers around, opening their mouths, sticking out their tongues, or me or Hubs are talking to them or whatnot.  It would actually be pretty funny if we could turn them into a flip book!!

Christmas Card photos, here we come!

 P.S. Hubs says the uploading is taking forever due to the desktop working on wifi and my wanting to use the "good" Nikon photos.  Boo.


Pam Kelsey said...

I always treasure any time I get to spend with my now grown kids...whether it be one-on-one or shared. Grandchildren are very special, but I had my kids first! They are all extra special to me!! Love you too, Kimmy :)

Pam Kelsey said...

I do like the flip book idea!! I can see it now! Oh wait....I took those pictures, no wonder I can see it so clearly :) Ha, ha, ha!!