Sunday, May 5, 2013

Party Party!

My boys seem to think we have a party every weekend!  Since we moved here 3 months ago, it's been like party central here because we've had a wedding shower, a cousin birthday, a 35th anniversary, Easter and Grandpa Birthday, a wedding, Aunt A's birthday, and yesterday, C's first birthday party!  I'm exhausted just remembering it, but I can't stop to recover because I need to upload, organize, post, and order prints of the photos, then start prepping for a quick trip to MN in two weeks and the twins' fourth birthday party in three weeks. 

Since I"m still so far behind, I'll give the wedding photos a go tonight and I'll shoot for C's b'day party pics on Thursday, his actual birthday.

(Half hour later)

This took a million years to upload, don't know why so I guess you only get a few shots for now.  Maybe by their first anniversary I'll have photos of the reception for you. I'm going to post this now and try again with a few more pics in another post. 

J and son A share a kiss before the ceremony

Me and Aunt L all dressed up!

Aunt L finishes mom's hair

M came to visit me right before the ceremony

Mom dresses C at the church for photos

Waiting in the front row while bride and groom get some shots of their own

Cutie C acting surprised

J and D lit paper lanterns for the send off

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Cuz I'm the mama! said...

What a gorgeous day! We got married the last weekend in April and it was 70 and sunny. Looked as if they had the same day! I am so impressed with your family photo at the church. Everyone was cooperating!! Beautiful blue color, too!