Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pondering Ped Problems

I've only been a parent for 4 years, but I've had to acquire a pediatrician 4 times due to death, the doctor leaving, and our moving. 

I've been thinking all day and awake all night pondering what to do. I spent two mornings at 3 well child checks getting 10 immunizations, which turned out to be the easy part. Now I know I have to find another new one, a difficult task since we moved far away from a highly populated area accepting our insurance. 

I'm trying to be respectful of the person and the profession. Really I am. I gave the person a second chance despite a doubt I just couldn't describe in February. Tonight I can describe it. Tonight I can say I want my next pediatrician (like my previous 3) to:

1. Recommend only tests that both the parent and doctor agree are necessary.

2. Let me speak when explaining my child's medical history. 

3. Refrain from profanity in the office at all times. 

I regret not doing enough homework in February. It did not occur to me I would find any less than excellent care when I made an appointment with the nearest pediatrician accepting our insurance when I needed a well child and ear infection appointment. Every single doctor I encountered in MN, no matter which city or insurance plan I had (there were several of each), was polite, professional and respectful of me. I've grown accustomed to that, imagine...

(Sigh) My kids are immunized now, at least. Their poor little arms and legs are sore but they will recover. I'll bet they won't mind never going back; M won't forget those shots! Too bad they don't know to thank me for saving them from (what I consider) a bunch of unnecessary blood tests - I couldn't imagine holding them down for blood draws after what they went through this week. 

I feel like I did the last time I had to break up with a lousy boyfriend (in '97, so I'm out of practice); like junk. But I'm a lot smarter and there's a lot more at stake now, so I'm just going to have to put on my big girl panties and break up. 

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Kristi said...

#3 WHAT? How is that even real? At a PEDS office? Time to start writing some strongly worded letters, girl!

Oh how I wish Dr. Stevens was still around...