Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Baby C!

Last Saturday May 4, we celebrated C's first birthday with a family brunch.  What a great time we had!  The weather cooperated and we moved the party outside for cake smashing and gift opening. 

C is hardly a baby anymore, really.  In the past week, he's begun pulling himself up using just the cabinet knobs, opening and unpacking cabinets, climbing up a flight of stairs, teething his molars (ugh!) and saying a few one syllable words!  I've caught him in the downward dog yoga position, a sure sign of standing up. 

Other things he likes to do:
  • Crawl over M and N's matchbox cars, which they like to line up in long rows on their special rug designed with roads. M and N cry, "Mom!  Baby C is wrecking our cars!" I hear my mother's words come out of my mouth: "He loves you and wants to do everything you do.  Let him play with you."  
  • Throw his sippy cup on the floor.  What a mess!
  • Attempt to roll off the table and crawl away during every diaper change.  I remember saying of the twins that changing them was like wrestling baby alligators.  C is the same way, only bigger and stronger than they were at the same age!
  • Race his new walker outside.  It was a birthday gift and he's really fast already!  
  • Eat random things off our kitchen floor.  I can't sweep it fast or thoroughly enough!  This was less of a problem when the twins were one for two reasons: there were no older brothers dropping food all over a much larger floor!!
Here are a few birthday pics...enjoy!

(Okay, it's not uploading again.  Grr.) 

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Pam Kelsey said...

Yeah, that will happen more and more.................. Love, Mom