Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fire Engine Field Trip Day

Yesterday was the second-to-last-day-of-three-year-old-preschool-field-trip to the fire station.  I was not nearly as excited as M was because I have 40 hours of housework and birthday party prep to do in not 6 but 3 hours this week because I had to drive the kids to the field trip.  N and I were feeling kind of the same way.  In fact, there was a minute I thought it might not happen.
Remember this? The Easter Egg Hunt Fire Engine Siren Start Debacle?  N has been TERRIFIED of this field trip.  Because the sirens might sound.  While I doubted they would do that, you just never know.  So I convinced him he could wear his "clop clops" (ear protection) so of course what is good for the goose is good for the gander, and I am the woman bringing her gaggle wearing ear protection to the field trip. It was the only way to make the field trip happen.

N was fine until Fireman Bob made his oxygen tank hiss while demonstrating his gear.  He was cowering and clamoring for the clop clops and M was on the other side of the room waving his hand and so helpfully telling Bob that his brother is afraid of the noise. 

Then we moved outside where the kids got to sit inside the fire engine (and I got to run back to the van to find my phone to take a picture or two before this fine event ended!) then line up for a chance to shoot the hose.  Wouldn't you know it?  They knew what was coming the second Bob unrolled the hose and made sure they were near the front of the line - the very front!  Perhaps they remembered they waited until the very end last time?

It turned out to be a fine field trip and everyone seemed to tolerate my kids wearing ear protection for half of it.  One even said she can't take her kids to parades because of the noise and why didn't she think of that?  So, maybe it's not just me!

Then we were home all afternoon and it stayed nice so I moved the kids outside.  They wanted to play in a giant grill box when I began working to break down cardboard for today's recycling.  "Do you want a door in it?" I asked, and cut a door on one side and two windows on the other.  About an hour later, when interest began to wane, I asked if they wanted to decorate it, and another hour was spent coloring and attaching stickers all over it.  I'm thinking of putting a bow on top and two curtains in the windows and calling it their playhouse birthday gift!

(Just kidding.  We're getting them swimming lessons at Delta!  Hopefully they will like them as well as the playhouse!)

Okay, if it's not one thing it's another.  I typed this up for the second time on the desktop because my phone deleted it yesterday and now it won't send me the pics!!! Grr.  Hopefully I can get my computers talking to one another.  Otherwise I'll just hand wright this and put it in the snail mail for you.

Geeze. Technology.

Three hours later....I did it!!!! Thanks for putting up with me, a product of all the best technology in my life arriving just as my kids were born and my brain and wallet were empty.  I'll spend a lifetime catching up!

M was first to go!

My favorite shot of the day!  It only took two takes!

You can just see his big smile!

2 kids and a box, 2 hours of fun!

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