Thursday, February 11, 2010

Baby School: Take Two!

Last week, I wrote about the boys' first day of school, which was a tad bit hairy.  (We can't go into the Multiples class after all, so we're staying in "Incredible Infants.")  I'm proud to report that today, their second day of baby school, went much, much better!  Why?  Daddy was there!  Yep, herding cats is much easier when there are two wranglers.  (SO, any of you faithful readers who have Thursday mornings available, you're welcome to join us at ECFE when Daddy can't go - I mean it!)
Here we are dressed in some new digs, taking our "official" 8 month photo before school this morning.  

The fellas enjoyed climbing the cushions, laughing at themselves in the mirrors, storytime with Daddy and Mommy (switch babies!), singing time with Mommy and Daddy, and playing with fewer than 11 toys during discussion time because this time I remembered that everything they mouth has to be washed afterward.   In fact, they discovered a barn toy where they press the farm flap characters down, then I flip a switch or push a button and they come back up - it kept them both occupied for hours ten minutes while I talked to my nice neighbor-mommy.  Things are looking better for this class, thank goodness!

In other news:
  • it looks like Nathan has another tooth coming in on the bottom and Matthew might be cutting his top teeth soon -the gums are pretty puffy.  Currently, the tooth score is Nathan 6, Matthew 2.
  • the car seats' new 'home' is a blockade in front of the computer desk because Nathan is fascinated with the cords and lights
  • Matthew has learned to pull himself up to standing along the couch!
  • Matthew has also figured out how to open the entertainment center's glass door and pinch his fingers in it, so one chair cushion is now residing in front of it
  • We're eating CHEERIOS now!  Oh, my gosh, I just can't believe that one.
  • Nathan's doing the the one-armed-one-legged army crawl, Matthew's doing the arm-over-arm army crawl and I'm beginning to think they're just not going to crawl like normal babies.  My mother-in-law says Steve army-crawled until he could walk, so....

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mrs. b. said...

love the picture, so very cute! my babes crawled soooo weird. one arm-no legs and the army crawl. eventually they both crawled on their hands and knees though!