Thursday, February 4, 2010

First Day of School

Today was Matthew and Nathan's first day of school!  We went to our first ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education) class - you might remember me blogging about it last month.  I don't have any pictures today since the camera is in Zurich, Switzerland with Daddy, so you just have to imagine it:
  • 1 teacher
  • 12 mommies sitting in a circle around a rug filled with toys
  • 12 little tiny babies, being cute and cooing on a blanket, sleeping, or holding a toy
  • me, crawling around after the boys, sitting next to a nice neighbor-mommy
  • Matthew, crawling away from me, crawling into the teacher's lap, crawling around the teacher to the mommy on the other side of her, crawling over to the mirror and laughing at himself in it, crawling across the circle rug to touch the other babies
  • me, getting up to bring Matthew back to our side of the circle several times (no one else has to do this the WHOLE class time)
  • Nathan, crawling to the mommy next to me, trying to touch her baby's head, me grabbing Nathan away and trying to surreptitiously wipe his snotty nose, Nathan chewing on one toy, then another, then another
  • the teacher, telling us to try to keep any toys our babies play with in our area to keep their germs away from other kids
  • me, for the rest of the class, trying to keep both boys playing only with the first 11 or so toys they'd put in their mouth the first few minutes of class
  • Matthew, continuing his quest to discover more and more amazing parts of the room with only one shoe on
  • me, retrieving the backup binks, then trying to do what the teacher told us and get to know the mommy next to me while all the aforementioned antics are being carried out
  • teacher, offers to bring the exersaucer over to our area and corrals Nathan (why'd you pick HIM? Can't you see he doesn't go as far?  Oh, but his nose is running so at least that's contained next to me now.  Better try wiping that again.)
  • me finally able to talk to neighbor-mommy because I can hold onto Matthew
  • teacher takes Nathan to hold in her lap for song time (I offered him up because I knew he'd be smiling and go along with it, albeit the nose)
  • me, singing "Wheels on the Bus" and other assorted baby songs with actions with Matthew, who was getting a wee bit crabby 
  • Nathan, smiling and giggling to the baby songs on the teacher's lap
  • Matthew, smiles a couple of times - guess it's not so bad, even though he'd rather be exploring
  • me, packing them up and asking the teacher what she thought of us moving to the Friday morning Multiples class because I'm having my doubts about this one because she'd talked about having to split the class due to its size (4 mommies and babies weren't there, for a total of 16 mommies and 17 babies signed up - HUGE class).
  • Matthew and Nathan falling asleep on the 5 minute ride home
  • me, blogging and waiting for the teacher to call to tell us we can go to the Multiples class where I'll feel better around women who know what it's like to have two little tornadoes there is more room for us.
Who, us?


Pam Kelsey said...

It's just beginning!

Meika said...

Oh my gosh, Kim, I've so been there - 20 months apart is just not enough to prevent that kind of chaos! I've been at many library story-times that sound just like your experience! Love hearing it from someone else, though I won't say I'm exactly glad for the stress I'm sure it caused you. :)

And, what?? Let's keep the babies from sharing germs? Nice thought, in what freaking universe?? :)