Friday, February 19, 2010

A Day in our Wonderful Life

There was a time in our lives when we thought that being trapped in Vail would be something thrilling, exotic, and fun.  We're not there anymore.  Well, Daddy's there, waiting for the weather to clear after a not-so-thrilling-exotic-or-fun three day business trip.  And we're here, having a slightly more thrilling, exotic, and fun day at home.  What have we done?

  • For starters, we mysteriously went to bed like angels at 7pm last night but played tag-team crying from 10pm-12:30am.  Make sure to wail like an ambulance when Mommy leaves the room after trying to console us!
  • Then we woke up chattering like chipmunks at 7 am pretending that nothing happened last night
  • Matthew's nose has been running like a faucet today, so I wiped it all day, but only when it was dripping badly enough to be worth the fight he puts up.  Meaning, when it almost reaches his lip
  • Mommy napped when the babies did at 9am because she just wasn't functioning well after last night's fiasco.  Should have made coffee, but was way too lazy.
  • The boys are good eaters, so that's not a fight, thank goodness.  I fed them prunes/bananas for breakfast and blueberry applesauce for lunch to help with the "GRRRUUUNNNTTTTS" I heard last night, immediately followed by tiny little rabbit turds that rolled around on the changing table as each child torqued his body into unimaginable shapes - maybe they'll be acrobats?
  • Changed Nathan out of his PJ's (we declared it PJ day to encourage sleep) and into new ones after he spit up purple puke  I should have seen that one coming. Nice.
  • Rescued Matthew countless times from his new talent: pulling himself up on the couch, the stool, the dishwasher, the changing table, the exersaucer and the Jumparoo (which resulted in a big bonk on the head)
  • Changed a pantload of diapers as this morning's fruit began to work its magic
  • Sat down and did absolutely nothing for a half hour of their afternoon nap.  Okay, watched a rerun on TLC of "18 Kids and Counting." It's my method of birth control! (Just kidding)
  • Measured the snow - we have 2 Nathans of snow on our balcony now!
  • Answered hubby's second phone call during diaper change number 45 today - his 1-hour delay is now an indefinitely delayed flight
  • Plop the boys in the exersaucer/jumparoo to post some pics for daddy on the blog because he's missing them so much and won't be able to tuck them in like he'd planned
  • Now what?
  • I'll feed the munchkins some dinner, clean the prunes and blueberries out of Matthew's ear, be their jungle gym on the floor, do the bedtime routine, change the Diaper Champ, and pray that hubby gets home tonight  so I don't have to eat the entire roast that's been cooking all day by myself.  because I miss him.
Exciting and thrilling? Nope, just a day in our wonderful life


KJ said...

Sounds like a normal day to me! Hopefully soon it'll be nice and sunny out and you can let the boys run outside! Oh and we are just in MN visiting for a few weeks...

mrs. b. said...

sounds like quite a day there, mama! i cannot *wait* for warmer weather around here. :)

The Alexanders said...

Sounds like a BUSY day!!! Thanks for the idea about mixing the veggies with the rice cereal...we are going to try out the squash again tonight!