Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Funnies

We're out of baby cereal, so I ground up regular oatmeal in the food processor, nuked it with some formula, mixed in a naner, sprinkled in cinnamon and voila!  the boys are eating "real" food! 

Matthew mastered the art of standing up last week (this week he's mastering the art of landing on his tushie instead of his head when he's tired of standing).  Nathan just couldn't take it anymore that his brother was doing something he couldn't, so this morning....
He did it!
Actually, Matthew is the one who says, "I did it!"  Matthew also says "Heidi," even though the little girl he was playing with at school yesterday is named Anna.  They're both saying "Da." Apparently, Steve and I are both "Da." It makes Steve feel so proud!  And me?  Well, you take what you can get. "Da" is better than "hey you" (which Matthew said to Nathan yesterday, I swear!) or "milk lady," or an assortment of other things they could call me!

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April said...

YAY! Won't be long b4 they are both walking all over!!