Monday, February 22, 2010

Lazy Weekend

Daddy made it home at one a.m. Saturday morning, and both boys came down with the sniffles, so we took it easy this weekend.  Amazingly, Nathan cut his 7th tooth while the snot was pouring down his lip, but I've been assured by doctors that sniffles are NOT associated with teething.  Mmm hmmm....7 cases of the sniffles, 7 teeth.  My butt they're not associated.

Here are a few shots of our lazy weekend:
Matthew's Thursday night bath hair

Matthew's Sunday night bath hair
Rotting their brains with Baby Einstein (hey, it's better than TLC or HGTV - or ESPN - which they just so happen to LOVE)

Cutie pie pic of their OshKoshB'Gosh overalls

Nathan playing ball...if you look, you can see where the 4th tooth came in the next day on the bottom.
I'll have a more thoughtful post later this week...but I know most of you just want the picutres!

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mrs. b. said...

i *love* lazy weekends! they really are the best. and, as always, SUCH cute pictures! :)