Monday, February 15, 2010

First Zoo Visit

Today was a special day - Matthew and Nathan's first visit to the Minnesota Zoo! We are very fortunate to have a world-class zoo just a few miles from home, so we packed them up and took a family trip to the zoo.

Our first stop was Discovery Bay, where there are lots of things for kids to touch. I know it will be just a few months and my boys will want to stick their hands into the tidepool to touch the starfish and whatnot. We watched the dolphins swim first, but the boys were more interested in the shark tank. Nathan isn't looking at dad because he's squirming to get back up on his feet and bang on the glass at the sharks!

We walked through the Tropics Trail, where there are all kinds of tropical animals and plants. It was so nice to see orchids blooming and flamingos bathing on a chilly February Minnesota day! Here are Matthew and Nathan watching the flamingos. There are two special things about this photo: first, it's the boys first ride in the stroller without the car seats, and second, Matthew is waving!

He kept right on waving at things all through the zoo (Nathan was banging on the cupholder, so I think it's his precursor to waving), so we took a video of it when he was waving like crazy at the tropical fish tank. (Disclaimer: it was taken with our digital camera in the dark and the sound quality is poor. There's nothing wrong with your computer!) You see Matthew waving, Nathan watching the fish, then a sweet little rub of the eye because it's naptime.

I'm so happy that we bought a yearly membership, so we can take the boys back again and again. There are many more animals to see outside of Discovery Bay and Tropics Trail - I'm sure it will take us all year to get to them!

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April said...

Looks like such a fun day! :) Before I read I thought I wonder when they started riding in the stroller! What a special day of firsts! The membership makes so much sense because it pays for itself after a couple of visits!