Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Mr. Mom

My husband is one versatile and muti-talented guy.  Last week, he was flying all over the world (literally, not figuratively), working hard but taking time to call us from Zurich and Skype us from Paris.  Yesterday, he was a stay-at-home-dad, trading business meetings for bottle feedings and pressed pants for poopy pants, all so I could have a "day off." 

Here's a peek at Mr. Mom's day at home:

Lunch on the floor!  Lunch on the floor!  Looking like a mom with your lunch on the floor!

Matthew helps load the dishwasher

We measure the snowfall with our babies: there is one Nathan of snow on our balcony

Zoom, zoom, I'm getting fast!

This was Sunday night - the boys' first Superbowl game
Thanks for giving me a day off, sweetie!
After a long day at home with the boys, how did Steve feel?  "Tired!" he said.
(Hee, hee)


April said...

Love it! Maybe he'll give you a "raise" after seeing the hard days work! :)

mrs. b. said...

so glad you got a day off! those are very important. ;) love the pics, too! :)