Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snot and Naners

I just couldn't take one more day of snot after my Nathan alarm kept me up from 1 till 2 am last night - after I had stayed up WAY TOO LATE watching the Olympics. (How was I to know that they were going to fill the whole night with ski-cross and then the ice skating was going to go untill 11pm?  It stops every OTHER night at 10pm for the news, so I STUPIDLY assumed it would last night, too.)  The nerve, Nathan!

We had a little family reunion in the nursery last night for a bit since Nathan's wailing woke up Daddy and Matthew, too.  Oddly, Matthew didn't seem to mind and took it as an opportunity to play with his toys, chatter to us and practice pulling up on his crib rails.  It would have been cute had it not been 1:30am. 

With his history of sinus infections, I assumed it was yet another one and packed up the boys to go to the doctor this morning.  We met a new (to us) nurse practitioner today, who, while nice enough, kept us waiting a LONG time.  Thank goodness the boys were well behaved - a bottle for Matthew and some nursing for Nathan kept them happy.  I'm SO GLAD I kept them in their Graco Safeseat carseats.  I wouldn't have been able to contain Matthew if he hadn't been buckled in - the way he gets around now, waiting for that long in the tiny room would have been like being caged with the monkeys at the zoo!

And the verdict is....


I suppose I should be happy since she ruled out ear infections, sinus infections and the like.  But it just makes me feel kinda dumb, like I'm a hypochondriac-over-protective-over-reacting-hovering-mother, which I SOOOO don't want to be.  I mean, a COLD.  Duh.  I knew THAT.

She did give me clearance to take him out and about, though, so watch out, ECFE, we're going to school tomorrow!  Mommy can't stay locked inside with the monkey-boys this many days in a row!

Here are your pics today.  The monkey-boys can feed themselves little banana pieces dusted in baby cereal.
What's this?

Mmm...good banana!

Yummy naners!

More, please!

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