Tuesday, June 15, 2010

8 Years Ago Today

My sweet, sweet hubby is guest-blogging today.  Enjoy!

Eight years ago today, we awoke to low clouds and rainy conditions and much like today, the clouds broke and the sun appeared and we had such an amazing wedding it still makes me smile. It was a wonderful start to a wonderful life that I share with my wife. Some of the things I also remember on that day.

- I remember waking up and saying to God, "if this is a dream, don't let me wake up."

- I had cereal for breakfast, much like I do every morning.

- My best man and best buddy picked me up at home to head for the church.

- I had hoped for a few moments to my self to pray before the wedding and actually had to ask all my friends for a second of privacy.

- Our Mom's looked beautiful.

- I was SO excited to see Kim come down the aisle and we did not see each other before.

- I was glad Kim gave me those white handkerchiefs, because when she did come down the aisle, I cried like crazy.

- Kim looked beautiful, I couldn't stop crying!!!!!

- Kim winked at me as she stood with her Dad.

- I sang to my wife.

- My Dad said a long, but very meaningful prayer.

- When our Pastor introduced as Mr and Mrs Aulds, I raised my hand and couldn't stop smiling.

- My Grandpa cried, I had never seen him do this prior to that day.

- The pictures at Dow Gardens were really fun, but it was very humid and difficult to stay cool in our suits.

- We had an amazing reception at SVSU, with a perfect sunset.

- Our party favors are still among the most unique I have seen. We took flavors of Jones Soda in our wedding colors and put our own pictures on the labels of fun moments we had shared together up to that point.

- Our cake was fantastic and there was very little left because we think the SVSU staff serving our reception ate much of it as the night wore on.

- Everyone danced, even people I never thought I would see.

- I couldn't stop holding my brides hand.

It was a wonderful day and the journey since then has been so adventurous.

I love my wife and I am thankful for eight years of marriage. Here is to 88 more.


Lindsey_Aulds said...

Very sweet, Steve! What a blessed life you have and it definitely started w/ a beautiful wedding day! Thank you for being such a fantastic example of a Godly marriage for me, I truly look up to you both! I love you! Happy Anniversary!

KJ said...

Now that is precious!

Bonnie said...

What a wonderful post! Kim and Steve, happy anniversary!