Monday, June 14, 2010

Rainy Day Update

We've had a rather boring and uneventful few days here since the boys have come down with the sniffles.  I had to miss a Bible study group, cancel a play date, my multiples' club annual family picnic was canceled due to rain and the boys and I missed church because I just don't feel comfortable putting 4 snotty nostrils in the nursery.  We were climbing the walls with rainy-weekend-and-sniffles boredom yesterday, so we managed to go for a long walk when the skies cleared and made a Target run.  Yep, Target...the highlight of our weekend.

That being said, it seems like the worst of it has passed since we all slept through the night last night (cue "Hallelujah!" chorus).  The boys were still pretty funny this weekend, though.  See this green Rubbermaid tub?

It's for toys.  A few days ago, their favorite game was to take all the toys out, and climb in and out of it incessantly.  Nathan looked like a caterpillar going in one side, out the other, turning around, and doing it again!  He did that until Matthew climbed in with him.  Sometimes they just sat there together, then they would start shoving until one got pushed out.

Now they're on to bigger and better things.  Wish I had a pic of it, but yesterday Nathan turned the tub upside down, pushed it over to the dining room chair, and used it as a stool to climb up there!  One second he was on the floor, next he was standing on the dining room chair!  Oh, dear, I REALLY have a couple of monkeys on my hands - smart ones, at that!

Matthew can open the screen door in the living room and let  himself out onto the balcony (and close the door behind him, too!), so now we have an enormous gate blocking off about half of the living room.  It's just gorgeous.

They also have figured out how to unroll the toilet paper and play in the toilet, so now the door is always shut - that was an easy fix.  But they will stand guard beside the door if you're in there, banging and laughing (or crying) and stick their fingers under it.  If you don't close the door, they will stand at your knees/unroll the paper, while you struggle to do your business.  I've learned to hold it until naptime.

The best part is that they've learned to hug and if you're sitting on the floor, will crawl over to you, pull themselves to standing, and snuggle their heads into your chest or shoulder.  So cute...then you see you've been slimed.  Which reminds me - I need to put some clothes in the dryer.

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KJ said...

Ha ha ha...that so reminds me of my boys at that age! The nice thing is you just have to baby proof as they get more mobile...but once they are mobile (like your little guys!) watch out!