Monday, June 28, 2010

Tennessee: Bears and Fish

Last week's blogging absence was due to our family vacation to Gatlinburg, TN.  We met my parents, sister, brother-in-law and two nephews down there and spent the week hanging out and seeing the sights.  Because my husband and I completely lost our minds, due to flight complications, we drove from MN to TN, and due to vehicle complications, we took a Buick Lacrosse, the loaner car from the body shop.  I just mention it because you'll see it in the upcoming photos and because I think it's quite funny that we drove such an old man car, putting 2000 miles on someone else's vehicle! 

Okay, first things first.  We got there on Saturday and while we were driving up the mountain (yes, UP a MOUNTAIN) and into the drive, we saw a bear just steps away from the place we were staying.
Here he is, walking away from the car- that's the door handle behind the driver's seat you see!
He's hard to see because of the window glare, but he's behind our car, in between the boys!  (They were SO POOPED from the long drive, not to mention mom and dad.)  Our family friends (at whose house were were staying) had warned us of the bears and while we hoped to see one - way off in the distance - we didn't expect it to show up while we were pulling in on our first night!    We sat in the car, wondering if we should get out for several minutes.

Fish: Father's Day was Sunday, and the whole family spent it together at Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies.  It was quite an impressive aquarium, too - something you wouldn't expect to be found in a mountain town!  Kudos to my sister for coordinating the event!
Nathan and Steve get up close and personal with some fish
Matthew's turn! Both boys enjoyed being "inside" the cylindrical fish tank.
Then we took our little sugar bears back to our mountain house and grilled steaks on the deck with the family for our Father's Day dinner.  Happy Father's Day, Steve!

P.S. Stay tuned for tomorrow's blog: Tennessee:Dollywood and Dixie Stampede!
P.P.S. To my blog friend who requested traveling tips: don't drive from Minnesota to Tennessee.


KJ said...

Looks like you all had an interesting trip! We also drove from MN to TN once (but we stopped in Kirksville, MO on the way...which really isn't on the way at all), definitely a LONG drive, but way worth it!

The Alexanders said... was me....I promise not to make that drive...what are your thoughts on Red Deer to Seattle??? hahaha, keep your fingers crossed for me and I will let you know how it goes!